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We’re back in business boys

October 10, 2010


Developing film and making albums on flickr:

My motorcycle project is turning into a financial nightmare.

Working on set a lot AND getting the positions I want!

Doing some corporate gigs to make a little money.

Have some awesome shoots of my own coming up that I am real excited about!!

Less BMX because of all of that though šŸ˜¦

God damn Hacienda Heights stole my friends!

Birthday and Halloween coming up, should be a fun month…

More on shoots later. Maybe even some more movie reviews, but Im busy so don’t get your hopes up.


Latest in 35mm

July 7, 2010

Kodak 5219 (500T)

Arri BL4

1 to 2 fc

Used only available light

I love this

July 5, 2010

ā€œFilm has an enormous amount of exposure latitude and dynamic range, which gives us infinite creative flexibility in creating images. I can underexpose it by 3 stops and overexpose it by 5 stops within the same frame and see the entire spectrum on the screen. Thatā€™s simply not possible in any digital format Iā€™ve seen. Every digital camera is trying hard to emulate 35mm film, and thereā€™s a reason for that.ā€ -Wally Pfister


FUCK! Life seriously is not fair.

June 23, 2010

Rest In Peace Jabin Piaget.

Over the past several years we grew alongside each other as filmmakers. You were an inspiration the whole time and your drive helped push me to better myself as a cinematographer.

We will all miss you.



May 31, 2010


KODAK VISION3 500T Color Negative Film 7219

Arriflex 16SR 3 w/ Zeiss Prime Lenses

Frame Ramping In Camera 24 to 48fps w/ Manual Iris Pull (by Michael Street)

Saturation of color was done in Telecine, otherwise no video effects or filters were added in post production.

Music by Jimi Hendrix “All Along The Watchtower”

We Got Accepted!!

May 3, 2010

I received an email this morning:

Dear Craig,

It’s with great enthusiasm that I write to inform that your film,Ā Luminous Flow,Ā has been selected for the 2010 New York Bicycle Film Festival, June 16-20.Ā Congratulations!Ā  Once again we received hundreds of submissions, and theĀ quality and diversity is superb.Ā  This year is our 10th Anniversary and our program isĀ going to be great!

24P (Digital) Test

April 2, 2010

Just did a small test because I have never lit for the digital format before. Check it.

Shot on HVX 200 at 24P with a 1/60 shutter.

Super Thanks to:

Tosha Callahan

Tyler-Johnson Williams

Jacob Martinez

PS Tosha will murder anyone she wants with those guns…


March 1, 2010

I had only known you a short time but it was worth it. You will be missed.

Donny, I love you, and cannot possibly express how happy I am that you are still here. I’m here for you buddy.

People on Earth

February 24, 2010

But more specifically, Americans…

What is the world coming to?

I recently got a text, from a reliable source (aka Tosha), telling me about a robbery that happened in my neighborhood last night:

“A restaurant in your neighborhood was robbed at gunpoint last night. Then they went to a 7-11 on Ocean and robbed it. Then they were chased by the cops but they only got one of the guys.”

I wanted to know more so I started looking it up on the internet. This is where my disappointment in people began – The biggest story I could find about the robbery didn’t talk about the robbery at all, what it did talk about is how people successfully ‘tweeted’ about the robbery before the news could report on it. HOLY FUCKING SHIT ISN’T THAT SOOOOO AMAZING!! (SF Weekly article)

Seriously America, get a grip on reality and the people living around you!

I continued my search a bit more after that and found this article from a real news station (abc 7 article), with no surprise I discovered that they had less information to offer than my girlfriend (aka Tosha).

This is where my search ended and the blogging started. Now, I’m not saying I cant continue looking for more articles, and MAYBE find more information, but should I really have to?

To sum it up: I set out looking for INFORMATION about a ROBBERY that happened in my neighborhood but instead I learned that TWITTER (and being the first to TWEET about something) is more important to the people.

If they ever invent a time machine that will take you back to the 60’s (when Americans cared about humanity), I will say goodbye and step into it…

Special thanks to Tosha (aka Tosha) for listening to the radio and reporting the facts better than the internet news can!

‘Doorways’ Shoot

February 18, 2010

I recently got the opportunity to work on a paid gig as a 2nd AC. We shot it on the RED which was nice because I have been very curious about that camera for a while now. And I do have to say that, though I’m a film nerd til death, it was a good experience. In fact if I had to complain about something then it would be the fact that there was LESS for me to do as a 2nd. For example I didn’t measure for focus once because the red has a ‘punch in’ feature where it kind of ‘zooms in’ with the click of a button and then you just focus by eye. Other than that I was very attracted to the ease of using the camera and when I was able to check out the monitor the shots looked beautiful, but hey, I’m a huge sucker for shallow DoF.

Besides a bit of drama I enjoyed all 8 days. And as always the crew is full of great people that I do not mind spending 13 hours a day with. All of you guys always do an awesome, fast, and clean job!

Also I want to send a special shout out to K. Knight Cinema (Kiva Knight) for asking me to be a part of this business, I’m a very very grateful!

Heres some blurry pics and a vid that Kiva probably doesn’t want on the internet:

Click here for video.