People on Earth

But more specifically, Americans…

What is the world coming to?

I recently got a text, from a reliable source (aka Tosha), telling me about a robbery that happened in my neighborhood last night:

“A restaurant in your neighborhood was robbed at gunpoint last night. Then they went to a 7-11 on Ocean and robbed it. Then they were chased by the cops but they only got one of the guys.”

I wanted to know more so I started looking it up on the internet. This is where my disappointment in people began – The biggest story I could find about the robbery didn’t talk about the robbery at all, what it did talk about is how people successfully ‘tweeted’ about the robbery before the news could report on it. HOLY FUCKING SHIT ISN’T THAT SOOOOO AMAZING!! (SF Weekly article)

Seriously America, get a grip on reality and the people living around you!

I continued my search a bit more after that and found this article from a real news station (abc 7 article), with no surprise I discovered that they had less information to offer than my girlfriend (aka Tosha).

This is where my search ended and the blogging started. Now, I’m not saying I cant continue looking for more articles, and MAYBE find more information, but should I really have to?

To sum it up: I set out looking for INFORMATION about a ROBBERY that happened in my neighborhood but instead I learned that TWITTER (and being the first to TWEET about something) is more important to the people.

If they ever invent a time machine that will take you back to the 60’s (when Americans cared about humanity), I will say goodbye and step into it…

Special thanks to Tosha (aka Tosha) for listening to the radio and reporting the facts better than the internet news can!


2 Responses to “People on Earth”

  1. timefortoast Says:

    Hey dude I’m totally going to retweet this ok man? Also my sister (AKA Tosha) is pretty amazing. Kinda makes the all those other people seem even more fucked up.

  2. Jerrylikesbikes Says:

    aka Tosha just got a new nickname.

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