‘Doorways’ Shoot

I recently got the opportunity to work on a paid gig as a 2nd AC. We shot it on the RED which was nice because I have been very curious about that camera for a while now. And I do have to say that, though I’m a film nerd til death, it was a good experience. In fact if I had to complain about something then it would be the fact that there was LESS for me to do as a 2nd. For example I didn’t measure for focus once because the red has a ‘punch in’ feature where it kind of ‘zooms in’ with the click of a button and then you just focus by eye. Other than that I was very attracted to the ease of using the camera and when I was able to check out the monitor the shots looked beautiful, but hey, I’m a huge sucker for shallow DoF.

Besides a bit of drama I enjoyed all 8 days. And as always the crew is full of great people that I do not mind spending 13 hours a day with. All of you guys always do an awesome, fast, and clean job!

Also I want to send a special shout out to K. Knight Cinema (Kiva Knight) for asking me to be a part of this business, I’m a very very grateful!

Heres some blurry pics and a vid that Kiva probably doesn’t want on the internet:

Click here for video.


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