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It’s Been A While…

January 12, 2010

I know I know… What can I say, I’m lazy, deal with it.


Yesterday I went to the movies with Lorraine and Liza. I had originally texted Lorraine because I wanted to go see Fantastic Mr. Fox but this is how the convo ended up going:

L: We wanted to see like 4 movies lol

C: Which ones?

L: Youth In Revolt, Sherlock Holmes, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and Avatar.

C: Youth In Revolt looks funny. Sherlock was whitty but a little long.

L: Rachel Mcadams

C: Yup

C: When?

L: Now

C: Like now now?

L: Yea it starts in half an hour.

C: Shit, ok, see you in 15.

So I proceeded to throw on my clothes and run out the door. I ended up getting there before them haha.

Youth In Revolt (2009)

I enjoyed this one very much. There were a couple cool speed ramps and high frame rate shots but other than that it didn’t do too much for me as far as cine goes. The story was very witty and Michael Cera, though not much different from his other roles, does a very good job. And hey, I’ll take any Steve Buscemi I can get these days.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

This was my second time seeing it and I’m glad I did, I was able to pick up on a lot more of those witty comments Robert Downey Jr. drops with precision. (Obviously I’m a fan of wit). They also did some cool stuff with high frame rates and ramping, other than that it looked good but didn’t blow my mind.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)

This movie… hmmmmm lets see…

Seriously I think this movie could have been awesome if only WE KNEW WHAT THE FUCK IT WAS ABOUT!?!?!?!

I went into this one having never heard of it before so I didn’t know what to expect at all. In fact as we were sitting there I was informed that it was Heath Ledger’s last movie (which I thought The Dark Knight was…). So hearing that boosted my excitement a bit cause I am a fan.

Anyway you’ll have to see for yourself but this movie had great potential but needs better story structure to carry the audience along. You know a movie isn’t working if, in the middle of it, you realize that you’re sitting in a movie theater.

Avatar (2009)

Ok this movie I’ve definetly been on the fence about seeing. On one hand I knew that I was going to be visually amazing and also I was very intregued to see what happens when James Cameron works on one movie for the past 13 YEARS!!!! But on the other hand I just knew that the story was going to be corny as hell. Anyway this was a good opportunity to see it.

The only other thing that I’m not thrilled with is the whole 3-D that is blowing up in cinema these days, I feel like its just a marketing technique that I (personally) don’t gain anything from. I can see how it is great for kids but I find it distracting rather than an aid to telling the story.

So it turns out I was right, it was visually stimulating but I definitely could have done without the corny PG love story. Though I do have to hand it to Cameron because you can definetly tell he spent a long long time and put a lot of hard work into it.